Cutting service under customer’s order          .

Steel cutting workshop performs cutting of long steel sections purchased from our company in accordance with customer’s drawings and specifications:

  • accurate cutting using band saw machine, processed section dimension limits B500 x H300mm, length tolerance for cut pieces -/+6mm
  • cutting by different angle of range 45°÷90° using band saw machine
  • rough cutting performed by hand tools: angular abrasive cutter or gas burner, – sections dimensions not limited
  • cutting of carbon and low-alloyed steel of different grades

  Picking service under customer’s order

Picking of customer’s orders of various steel products are performed in our warehouses:

  • picking of complex and simple customer’s specifications of goods in separate pieces or wire tied bundles
  • currently unavailable goods are prepared from our logistic partners within mutually discussed readiness time

Goods delivery to customer’s address                      .

Haulage of goods to customer’s address could be performed by our logistic partners – carriers:

  • goods are loaded to open platforms or curtain trailers: max goods length 13.6m, max cargo weight 24t, max goods width 2.45m
  • for longer or wider pieces special transport could be arranged
  • delivery in due time is assured by the wide net of reliable partners-carriers based on over 20 year long experience of partnership and partners’ selection, goods are delivered the same day for Lithuanian and Latvian consignees