JSC Azovlitas is enterprise of main activity about steel trade – these are hollow sections, hot-rolled steel beams and profiles, steel plates and sheet, concrete reinforcing steel. Also JSC Azovlitas supplies special pre-stressed steel strands for production of ferro-concrete products. The company established in 1992, it is over 20 years in steel trade business, consequently, this is the big reason to offer for customers the widest range of steel products for the most attractive prices. JSC Azovlitas holds steel warehousing premises and lots in Kaunas (Lithuania).

JSC Azovlitas holds very wide network of steel suppliers, products are supplied from Eastern European (Russia, Ukraine), Central European (Poland, Czech, Romania), Western European (Germany, Luxembourg), South European (Italy, Spain, Greece), Asian (Turkey) steel manufacturers and wholesale warehouses. The customers could pick steel products right from current JSC Azovlitas stock-list, or customer’s orders could be collected right from steel producers, or from wholesale warehouses. Delivery time for special orders depends on the current availability of the product required, and on purpose to meet customer’s needs in shortest time as soon as possible – JSC Azovlitas thanks to the wide supplier’s network will perform search of every product literally over all possible mills or wholesale warehouses in Europe. More often this results in delivery of required product w/i couple of days. Simultaneously, JSC Azovlitas strives to keep as wide as possible product range on stock and the customers could obtain the biggest part of required material from stock instantly. Also JSC Azovlitas can take care of delivery of products to customer’s site in Lithuania or abroad.

The range of JSC Azovlitas customers consists of Lithuanian and foreign steelworks and steel facilities manufacturers, ferro-concrete mills, further steel processing workshops. Revenue of JSC Azovlitas for year 2014 comprised 7 mln. euros (EUR). The almost 30% of this is achieved thanks to export, the export countries comprise of Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Russia (Kaliningrad region), and the company is open for new markets.

JSC Azovlitas features very stable team of workers, the main part of personnel has been worked for the company over 10 years, they hold deep experience of work in specific market, personnel is highly motivated to endeavour for the best sales volumes. Such a stable team proves the good microclimate inside and effective system of personnel motivation applied. Personnel proficiency is one the most important factors for successful company business. By dealing with JSC Azovlitas office the customers could feel safely they wouldn’t encounter a salesperson of low knowledge of products or customers themselves, and no need would be to seek contacts with another person over again, and no need to discuss payment terms over again.

Respect and attention to the customers, satisfaction of customers needs in shortest time, personnel proficiency – these are main JSC Azovlitas activity features.